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73/100 Worst Trilogies

I just posted about Top Trilogies, and personally I cannot go with out also finding out what trilogies other people including myself find to be the worst.

Again I emphasis trilogies, so this list will not include sagas like Star Wars despite everybody keeping them seperated into trilogies, and most people saying that the original trilogy is awesome, and the first 3 episodes are terrible (fanboys,) I consider it a saga. I will also not be including Pirates of the Caribbean, because the 4th installment will be out shortly. Other trilogies that you might be thinking of that I will not be counting for similar reasons is Die Hard, Spiderman, Terminator, and X-Men. Granted all those in my opinion wouldn't even be counted towards even average.

I have seperated my list into 4 categories: Average (even though I included it in my recent post, some would look at Average as not being good enough), Below Average, Terrible, (and then for the ones that I don’t know, but think might fall in one of those categories) Not A Clue.

These are in no particular order, because I don’t like doing top 10 list.

-Jurassic Park
-Legally Blonde
-The Transporter
-The Bad News Bears
-Crocodile Dundee
-Rush Hour
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (although some count the newer animated one as part of the series, but I happen to view it seperately although it still follows the time line.)
-The Naked Gun
-Ice Age

Below Average
-From Dusk Till Dawn
-I Know What You Did Last Summer
-The Skulls
-Class of Nuke'Em High
-Free Willy
-Oh, God
-The Santa Clause
-The Mighty Ducks
-Look Who's Talking

Personally there are several movies in that last category that I like, but I think the simple fact that they went beyond one and with a couple past two movies it messed up the entire series, and makes the good movie look bad.

Jeepers Creepers - 3rd is suppose to be coming out soon.

There are not many movies that I absolutely dislike, but this movie topped that category easily, and probably will refuse to even watch the 2nd or 3rd of that series.

Not a Clue
-Goal! – Average +/-
-Slap Shot - Below Average +/-
-Manic Cop - I hear its worse then Jeepers Creepers
-The Cutting Edge - Below Average +/-
-K-9 - Below Average +/-
-The Cannon Ball Run - Average or lower
-The Count of Monte Cristo – Average +/-
-Cube - Below Average +/-
-The Grudge – Average +/-
-The Hills Have Eyes – Average +/-
-Spy Kids - Below Average +/-
-Ong Bak – Average +/-
-High School Musical - Below Average +/- (most would probably put this in another category below terrible though)

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