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62/100 Getting into Woodworking

Something that both my grandfathers did that I've wanted to try and get into for a little while is wood work. Designing and building stuff from nothing more then some wood seems like something that is very fullfilling and most likely rewarding.

I find that I am just having a hard time getting started though. I seem to design or have several ideas, but maybe they are too complex or something, but I never seem to proceed with actually trying to build anything. Really I don't have too much knowledge of actually building stuff with wood. I use to watch my grandfathers, but never really asked how they did stuff and to teach me. Plus I think at the time that they were still around I feel like I wasn't as into trying to build stuff like they did, although the both had very different styles. One mostly built decoritive and smaller things while the other built furniture and items of that nature.

I really wish I would of been into woodworking at the time that way I could of learned from them, but the simple fact is that I didn't and now I feel like it is difficult to get started, especially the fact that I don't feel like I have the right tools and money to really afford to be just going to buy wood to attempt to build stuff, especially if it turns out like garbage. I do plan on starting at some point though, and I really hope that it is very sooner then any later.


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  1. If you are truely serious about building then you should let me know sometime. I probably have all the knowledge that you would need. I have the same aspiritions myself even though everyone else seems to think that I am crazy. I have a few good design ideas for furniture ie, desks, tables, dressers, beds, couches. But I since I have a little knowledge of electricity as well I also thought of making somethings that are decorative yet still functional like light fixtures and such. If you want to let me know when you are thinking maybe I can make it up there for a couple of days in a row or stay at your place and we can knock out a couple of things. You know how to reach me.

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