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Women’s Soccer

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Well this is another one of those blog post that I kind of kept putting off, but it wasn't really time sensitive and it seems like my procrastination worked out in my favor a little bit this time. The WPS or Women's Professional Soccer recently announced that they were going to suspend the 2012 season, which came as a shock to some people especially with the WPS fighting so hard to keep their USSF Sanctioning for at least another two years. It wasn't really a shock to a lot of people though at the same time.

Yes there is even an argument that most people don't even care about any women's sports let alone soccer. But I say this to you that women's soccer is probably the best possible sport for United States and even the world to possibly get behind. Why would I make a statement like that? Well really I think it is quite simple and that is that soccer or as the rest of the world calls it football is also called the worlds sport.

I am going to break away from what I was talking about to talk about something that I was fortunate to sit in on during my time at the NSCAA convention a few weeks ago and that was the WPS Draft. It seemed a bit silly to have a draft for a league that only has 5 teams, but I will tell you that it was taken completely serious and with a high degree of professionalism in my opinion. I was really looking forward to getting to the season to watch some of these new players that were suppose to come in and make a huge a big impact. I mean I wasn't expecting anything huge, but something to start making the league bigger and better, especially after dealing with the whole magic jack issue. Apparently the whole magic jack issue still hasn't been taken care of and the magic jack owner, who probably has the most money of all the other owners, is really starting to cause problems for the WPS as a whole.

Now back to what I was talking about and that was why I think that the women's soccer can become a popular sport in the United States even while Men's soccer isn't all that popular yet. The past two summers we have been able to watch the Men's World Cup and this past summer the Women's World Cup. I think there is an argument to be said that the US was more into watching the US women's team then the Men's team. Granted everybody tends to realize that the women's team tend to do better then the men's team has. Even with the competition getting so much better on the women's side of soccer for the rest of the world.

Most people probably don't realize that there is more then just the WPS league for women's soccer. there is also the W-League that you see some of the MLS teams supporting a women's side like Vancouver Whitecaps and DC United. I'm sure there are more teams, but I just recall those two right off. There is also the WPSL plus more leagues that are lower leveled then those but the WPSL is something that is starting to become considerably bigger in the United States, but if you were to look at a map of all the WPSL teams you will see a huge gaping hole in the middle of the country! More specifically in the KC area, who has a huge youth soccer following especially in the girl/women's side of soccer.

My self and a small group of other dedicated soccer followers are looking to rectify this problem and start forming our own Women's League and get some teams into the WPSL to hopefully give women's soccer a huge presence in the Kansas City area that would allow post High School women soccer players a chance to compete on a bigger level then having to try and go to college where there is a very slim chance that they even get picked up or forced to play in coed leagues where rules are starting to almost push any women players out more and more.

I know this seems weird for me to be dedicated to something like this when I don't even have a daughter but I do have other family members and friends that could greatly benefit from a league like this and a league like this could allow for more women to play on bigger levels of soccer in the future to include overseas in some of the European leagues that are starting to become bigger and bigger. Something like this could possibly result in even higher quality players starting to play for the United States like the recently drafted Sydney LaRoux has played in the WPSL and finding more players like this could possibly help ensure that the United States Women's National Team get back on top and stay on top of the Women's soccer world for a while again like they did before and almost did this past summer. If you happened to miss the Women's World Cup Final.


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