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46/100 Wing House

Most of you are probably wondering what I could even be talking about. Well this house I'm about to tell you about is made out of airplane wings. Now your probably thinking so what, that's not that big. Well you would probably be right if the roof of this house wasn't made out of Boeing 747 wings, hence the name Wing House(yes this link is clickable, so click it and go check out the website for the Wing House)

Suprisingly the wing of a 747 has over 2500 sq ft, which is incredible. That is more then twice the size of my house, and that is just one wing. This house is using both and the two small rear wings, for the master bedroom, and I use the term small loosely there, after all the rear wings are attached to a 747.

The entire complex is over a 55 acre property, so I think it goes with out saying, and it was cheaper to buy the whole plane then just the wings, pretty much every part of the plane is used as something. The 2 main wings make up seperate roof sections. The two rear stabilizers will be the roof of the master bedroom. The cabin area of the plan will be split up and make an art studio, guest house, and animal barn. The front portion of the plane (cockpit) will be made up as a meditation pavilion.

You probably shouldn't be expecting to buy one of these houses any time soon, because it is crazy expensive and there is an absolute ton of paper work, even with the FAA.


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