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78/100 Windows XP

Well it looks like it will be 2020 before big businesses that haven't already jumped to Windows 7 will be forced to upgrade.

So basically Windows XP isn't going anywhere anytime soon, well kind of. Personal users will not be receiving further support for service pack 2, but service pack 3 support is suppose to be around till 2010. Only problem for XP fanboys (and girls) is that SP3 is intended for enterprise customers.

It was only a matter of time before this happened with Windows 7 seeming to do so well, and it looks like you won't even be able to buy a computer with the XP downgrade option after this holiday season. Personally I don't know much about Windows 7 or even Vista for that matter because my netbook has XP on it and my wife's computer that I occasionally used had vista on it, but I didn't use her computer enough to really learn much about vista, and apparently that was a good thing.

I'm sure my work will be on XP for most of the next 10 years, but I sure would like to see them upgrade to IE8 from IE6. Yeah that's right most of my work still has IE6, some have gotten lucky and have IE7 or even Firefox, but I didn't till just recently when I was somehow able to get Firefox on my computer and it has been AWESOME!!!


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