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Why ‘Facebook’ and other Social Media’s are making things worse!

I remember when I first launched my Facebook profile.  It was around 2005, and you could only have a page if you had a college email address.  It was designed for used among college students and was to be primarily used for college work related content.  Yes, people still used it for messages and other social media outlets, but you knew and/or saw everyone and you all had similar interests such as the college you were attending.

Now Facebook has evolved into this monster of a social media website.  It has taken many year to come this far, and it is simply getting out of control.  I am not talking about all the advertisements that are now taking up every available square inch of the site, no.  My concern is simply that people are using Facebook for things that are either inappropriate or unnecessary.

People are starting to lose their ability to speak in public because they can say everything behind closed doors in the safety of their own homes.  They do not like to confront people, but would rather talk trash from a long-distance setting.  It keeps getting worse for the next generation.  Facebook is now the fad that only the "cool" kids have!  If you don't have one, you must not be cool!  Even school bullies have taken to Facebook to publicly humiliate and terrorize other students!  There have been far to many recent accounts of young kids who are bullied at school, then go home and realize that their Facebook profile has been plastered with wall posts and other comments which continue to degrade or humiliate them even after the school day has ended.  Then that child, does not know how to handle the stress and feels that they cannot escape it, and their only resort is suicide....and blog about it or post it on?  You guessed it...Facebook!  Why not simply delete those people from your account, or better yet... just delete your account!  You don't need it, your life is to precious to waste caring about something so trivial as middle school or high school bullies.

I have seen time and time again, when someone experiences something traumatic.  I am not talking about the loss of a loved one, but maybe a break-up, or simply an argument.  Before, they would call their friends or their inner-circle of close confidants and vent in a semi-controlled manner.  Now, with Facebook being so easily accessible via your cell phone, it is uploaded for public viewing almost immediately!  I understand that sometimes, it may feel warranted, but once reality sets never is!  The internet is a fickle beast, and once the information is out there, its out there forever.  You can never un-see something, you may think that by simply deleting things, everyone will simply forget.  This is not the case!  Someone may see it, and then repost in another page, or spread the gossip through another social media site.  I think people are so caught up in the moment and lose site of reality, and do they only thing that comes natural to them.

There is no longer the time when you can go to your room and listen to loud music and vent in your on private way.  People believe that this information, should be available for public knowledge ASAP!  This is the wrong attitude to have.  There is a time for sorrow, there is a time for anger and there is a time for recovery! People get so caught up in the anger phase, and don't think about things in a calm and collected manner.  I am not saying that I am 100% innocent, but recently I have learned that by embracing the situation and looking at it from a calm place, don't make any rash CAN make it through any troubling situation!  There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, but you have to get their through a calm demeanor and attitude.  You can be angry, you can be sad...but be smart about it!

Then there are the constant updates.  "I woke up late", "Just bought a coffee", "I saw this person do this silly thing"...just let me be the first to inform you...NO ONE CARES!  Simply put, some people use Facebook and Twitter to constantly provide a real time feed into their daily lives.  From the moment they get up, to the moment they go to sleep, it is constant updates all day...every day...not even holidays are safe!  Who needs to know what you do everyday?  If I were a serial killer or stalker, all this information would be very easily accessible and very beneficial to my ultimate goal....thank God for you, that I am neither one of those!  Do you even know who is sitting on the other side of that computer?  How do you know that the person you are talking to is even the person who they say they are?  What about that link sent to you....should you even click it?  There are too many cases of people setting up a fake profile to lure people into a dangerous situation.

There are also too many instances of hackers and computer wizards that attach viruses to links and can easily steal all your personal information with the click of a button.  We are constantly teach or kids to "Say No to Strangers", but all a stranger needs is a Facebook or other social media account, and all that information is readily available.  Then there are the photos!  Why oh why, do you post photos of things online which you would not like everyone to see?  This is not just confined to social media, but through email and cell phone text messages.  Are people really that dumb or naive?  All it takes is one accidental post, or send and poof....the whole world know or sees!   You see most of this through the celebrity community...which makes it worse because these are the people are children look up to....unfortunately, most children want to grow up and be like the latest and greatest actor, athlete, musician.  No child want to be like Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Mother Theresa.  These people were role models, and its a shame that kids now-a-days ,just don't know it.

This rant is in now way targeted at a single person or situation.  I have seen several instances throughout life where people make any one or all of the previous mistakes, myself included!  Social media outlets are nice to have.  They area way to share with family and close friends photos and memories that would normally be lost either because of living far apart or simply a timing thing.  Maybe its a way to remember a loved one who was taken too early or maybe a way to quickly catch up with an old friend.  There are many ways social media sites benefit the general public, but most of them are lost behind all the constant updates, unnecessary or inappropriate posts and comments.  I think people need to make time out from their computers, or other social media devices and simply get to know people in the old fashion manner.  Go grab a drink or lunch, go see a movie...for God Sake...just talk to people in person.  Share your memories and relive the good times with them in a normal fashion.  Instead of Facebook....I say people unplug and get back to this little thing called "Face-time!"

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