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50/100 Why I Blog?

I think that I mostly blog because I love talking, yet understand that people don't always want to listen to me, and I feel that I get my fix by posting on my blog. All that, plus who's more of an expert on my opinion then myself, right?

It was kind of hard for me to get into it at first even though I love talking and it always something that I've wanted to do, just didn't think I coiuld do something like this. Even now I feel I have a hard time sometimes, but I really think that this 100/100 post and I already have ideas up to about 80, with other blog series ideas already flying through my head.

I hope to in the near futrue start doing video blog stuff, because I always have ideas for stuff to do on that, but don't really have the equipment for it. If anything, then I would atleast like to get back into podcasting, because that was pretty fun, and I didn't need much equipment for it, but couldn't really do what I wanted to do. I guess I will just have to continue being an expert at my opinion and keep posting on my blog. It has been fun for me and I hope you have enjoyed my post. Please don't be afraid to post comments and share this with friends, family or whoever, help me get bigger. Please.

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