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Where Have all the Good Games Gone ?

Okay I know it is the beginning of the year but there have been no good games in a long time. This past holiday season was dismal at best. CES was a great show but failed to wow me in any way...even Microsoft. Coming up at E3 Sony announced that it will make no announcements on an upcoming Playstation 4. This paves the way for Microsoft to deliver the deathblow to Sony that we have long waited for. Sony has proven time and time again that they would rather makes money then make gamers. Sony so far has come up with jack squat and I for one am excited to see them being a failing force in gaming but not entertainment. If they don't play that one close the Microsoft is going to take those reigns also. Microsoft gets all the exclusives before Playstation users not to mention a lot of Sony only games have learned quickly to ween away from them in place of a broader audience. Sorry it's been a while for me to update but this season has just been dismal. I for one and yes you can give me as much shit as possible for it I am waiting for Halo 4 , Soulcalibur V , GTA V and the next COD. Stay tuned for more info as I grab it and make it as available as possible...find me online at Liquid Xanadu or we are holding Clan tryouts for MW3 for our clan GTD ( Guns Tits and Drugs. )

Dueces Bitches !SIgn Off

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