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Wayne Rooney gets a 3 match ban, really?

Welcome back! The International break is over and there is a controversy coming out of the break. Wayne Rooney lashes out during a match and gets a three match ban, but were his actions worthy of a three match ban? The English Football Association have already said that the ban will be appealed. I think that Rooney was correctly red carded during the match, but the three match ban is too much.
After reviewing the highlights of the play in question, I could easily see Rooney get elbowed before lashing out. As a result of the elbow Rooney received, he retaliated with a kick to the back of the leg of the player who elbowed him. Then the player flopped on the ground and acted like he was in pain. This was a case of very back acting by the player, but still does not change the fact that Rooney kicked him.
Even though Rooney was elbowed by another player does not give him the right to kick the player. Rooney need to learn to control part of his emotions. Yet, being an emotional player is what helps make Rooney such a great players. The key is to learn how to use that emotion to help you and your team, not hurt you and your team. Rooney is still has time to get help with those skills and I am confident that Sir Alex will help him.
I will give credit to Rooney for taking his punishment and walking off the pitch. He knew the mistake and honored the call the ref had made. With that said, the player was not hurt; there was no blood; Rooney was not cursing at anybody. The three match ban is way over the top in this case. I would understand a one match ban and probation for Rooney for the rest of the Euro 2012 tournament. The English Football Association are justified in appealing this three match ban on Wayne Rooney.

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