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***Warning this is a rant post. If you might be offended then please don’t read ***

Son of a whore ! If one more person gets in my way on the I-70 W exit I am going to total your shit. I'm so sick of these people getting in an exit only lane only to get over to continue on 435 N. Exit only means just that you dumb fucks. Learn how to use your turn signal too. It's right next to your fat pork pie fingers that are either wrapped around your phone or a McDonalds cup. Flip it or I'm going to flip you and I hope your kids in the car and I do damage because your the one to blame for your illegal lane change. I also can't for the life of me understand why foreigners try to start a conversation with me. Do I look Korean or Indian ? Piss off before I cause you an extreme amount of emotional pain about how half your kids are buried in a shallow jungle grave.  On another topic now this Rick Perry piece of shit thing. I didn't know what the big deal was til I saw it. You said oops ? Big Fucking deal ! Oh but wait you said it live ? In a debate ? Are you retarded ? Did you take some of Trigg Palins retardation ? Your career is over bro. You created doubt to the voters. You create doubt as a magician not a politician. You got your icians all fucked up and out of whack. I haven't seen anything this funny since Bush senior puked on the Premier of Japan or baby Bush tried to open the door and couldn't because it was locked. Seems like both couldn't do anything without tricky Dicks help. Damn what is it with this country. Fuck the 99% because I pay my taxes and that puts me at the 53%. Get a job you dumbass or vote these dicks out of office. You do understand that's how it works in this country right ? Maybe if your worthless ass would put down the sign and pick up a pen the country wouldn't be in this mess. Stop speaking for me when half of you don't even speak english. You can spell it but can't give me proper change back. Do me a favor and go get molested by Herman Cain. Man you people piss me off...thank you for your time even though I'm paying for your medicaid and food stamps and anything else you leeches care to suck up...but I guess I make up for it by buying your foreclosure for a dollar and selling it while you remain that why this occupy crap is going's not a revolution..just a bunch of foreclosures having a picnic in the park ! Dueces bitches

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