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Walking Through Life


The twists and turns of life offer a person many new challenges and opportunities. A person is given a chance at success or failure, freedom or slavery, camaraderie or isolation. Some of these decisions are very small and some of these decision are quite large and require pondering over. Yet, most people treat all these decisions the same way, "I'll just go with how I feel." I must say that is an outstanding way to make a decision!

It is ok for a person to feel like cereal over toast for breakfast or you feel like wearing this shirt instead of that shirt. But there are some very life changing decisions that a person can go by feelings on. I feeling like drinking a little alcohol tonight, then leads to I feel like I can drive home. Which can kill someone else and totally devastate a family for the rest of their lives, all because you had a feeling. Or you feel like trying a drug and you end up with a life long addiction. That addiction could lead to jail time and possibly even your death. Also, consider what the family of an addict goes through, watching their loved one suffer and struggle with the addiction.

As a society do we just given in to wants and search for the fulfillment of feelings. Not ever stopping to think through the consequences of  actions. Not ever stopping to think of how we might affect those around us. In the universe all the planets revolve around the sun. In your world, does everyone else on this planet revolve around you?

In 1 Peter 1:13-16, the Bible talks about being self-controlled. Today stop and think before you act on those feelings. Life is easier to walk by avoiding the pot-holes in the road. May you slow down and consider lives choices in the future.


**To the Ends of the Earth**

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