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8/100 Violence in Video Games

How is this not typical?

Everybody always makes a big deal about video games and violence. I think that it is mostly parents just being bad parents. I have been playing video games most of my life, which included a lot of shooting games. I can see where some people might use that argument now because games seem to be more violent, but I see that as a cop out. Parents do tend to be lazy and just let their kids do whatever any more, and kids get bored, and with the way schools can be now a days kids that get picked on, tend to lash out a whole different way. Yes I'm saying that school kids are cruel, but with good parenting I think that a lot of kids can get past a possible melt down and doing something drastic, possibly even something like some of these school shootings that we hear about.

My opinion as a gamer reaching his late 20s is that violent games tend to help me get rid of that impulse to destroy something beautiful. If I'm having a rough day, got into an argument with the wife and/or kids, anything else that could go wrong, or even all of the above. I like to sit down put in some gears of war or call of duty and just unleash some rage into the game. I guess you could say the same for grand theft auto, but it tends to take too much of my time.

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