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View of Self?

Thinking Man

The moment in time when life changes, that alteration to life can be good or bad. Yet, life will never be the same as a result of the event. For some people the event is an accident, others the realization of age, and still others are caused by the willful actions of another person. The cause of this life change event makes no difference, because a person cannot go back in time and alter or affect the outcome of life.

Yet, there is still the dilemma of how to deal with this new self or new awareness that the individual has discovered. Depending on the amount of time investing into their previous self, this drastic change could be a very large mental hurdle. For what the body may or may not be able to accomplish, the mind and will is still responsible for this new stage of life. How the mind and will react to the new self, will be very telling about the self that was left behind.

As an individual that struggles on a daily basis with the fight between my old self and my new self, I find this topic of great interest. I was no great sports star, I was no academic giant, but I thought myself to be. After a head injury I have proven to myself to be just another person in the crowd. I always thought that I was more, I always wanted to be more, and now my more is in a totally different direction.

I spent the better part of four years trying to regain my old strengthens, (if you could call what I had strengthens) and totally fighting against discovering the person that I could become. I was selfish and irresponsible, I wanted to relive the glory of days gone by. I had not yet discovered the fulfillment that awaited in my new self. Why, had it taken so long to discover the new possibilities of life? Because I had never given myself a chance, I completely and totally rejected everything about myself.

I am different, how can I be as good? I spent so many years identifying as one thing and now that identity is gone. I was lost and alone with no help insight. Yes, I had family and friends around to talk with and to offer their love and support. But in the end, I had to understand myself that the new me will be better and more productive than the old me. Why?

I have no other choice. For if I do not move forward, who will be willing to do the work for me? The change has chosen me for a reason, therefore I must do my very best with what I have been given. I must not waste this second chance at life, because I sure did waste the first one. All I can do is my very best and that is my plan. I cannot control the responses to my efforts, I can only control myself.

We cannot stop change from happening. We can control how we respond to that change. If you are fighting yourself, I would ask you, why? The possibilities of your new self could be limitless if only given the chance. One of my favorite baseball analogies is this, 'you cannot steal second base with your foot still on first base.'

In Christ,

Red Beards


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