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USMNT – Venezuela


I have been terrible lately about watching some of the US Men's National Team game friendly matches, but I decided that I should probably be a little more invested in this as it had the possibility of having three Sporting KC players representing the US in the match. So it was really nice to see two Sporting player, Zusi and Bunbury, starting the match and later Sapong came on for Zusi. All of the Sporting players did exceptionally well and all of them had some sort of shot at the goal and definitely contributed to helping the team. But I digress because this isn't a Sporting KC blog post, which I could easily do, but instead a USMNT blog post. So lets get to it shall we?

- For the most part I thought that all the players did very well with players like Bunbury, Zusi, Jones, Feilhaber, Parkhurst, and a few more like Sapong and Shea helping out a lot as well. There were plenty of chances for the US side to take a lead but didn't see the ball hit the inside of the net till stoppage time of the second half, but it was enough to get them the victory over Venezuela.

- Should of scored more goals than the one that they did. Not to say that Venezuela's goalkeeper didn't do a great job, but if US want to be a better competitor then they are going to have to put sides like Venezuela away pretty handedly and they pretty much failed to do that. There is also a lot to be said that quite a few of these players were newer to representing the US, but there is also the argument that should help the US.

- The goalkeeper could of possibly one the man of the match for both teams stopping at least three if not more shots that could of easily made the US cruise to an easy victory, but at least the whole team fought, but just a bit less then probably some of the defenders and goal keeper did. Were able to hold the US to just a one goal games and were possibly less then a minute away from getting a nil-nil draw, which I'm sure they would of probably preferred.

- This game could of been really bad, I mean nothing like 14-0 bad as Venezuela were fighting back and could of just as easily had a couple goals themselves but really besides the couple chances that they took had no other game that ever really put the US team back on their heals and just let the US keep attacking at the goal. It is kind of a surprise that the score of the game wasn't any different. It also goes to show that maybe it is not a wise idea to try and get the scoreless draw especially after creating a huge stink about a simple foul that wasn't ever really a foul and US ended up getting the ball for a free kick anyway.


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