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50/50 Ball: #USMNT – Scotland


USA Men's National Team is entering themselves as their head coach Jurgen Klinsmann a sort of a tournament to really push the team as they played Scotland in their first of five games in just a matter of about 15 days. This is sure to be a good test for them as they started off against Scotland. A game that at the beginning thought was going to be a good one, but something seemed to fall apart for Scotland as the USA Men's team beat up on Scotland 5-1 and looked pretty good doing it.

- Would like to point out that they did come to play and its not like they just rolled over and let USA beat them. They fought pretty hard through out the match but sometimes it just isn't your day and I firmly believe that this was one of those days for Scotland.

- Obviously you would like to think that they should of kept USA from scoring five goals through out the entire match up, but they just couldn't seem to do any thing to stop the USA. A good portion of the first half was pretty relaxed, but then the USA seemed to come out in the second half and just turn the afterburners on against Scotland.

- I seriously couldn't not believe they way the USA side seemed to be playing and they seriously looked like a really good squad and could be set for some really good things in the near future and we all can only hope that something like this continues.

- People would like to take this game seriously but it also appears that Scotland is one of the lowest ranking (depending on how you would like to look at the FIFA and ELO rankings as I know several people that think both are a complete waste of time) teams that the USA has played recently and the game looked just like that as well.

We will really see how serious this USMNT team is in their next match up as they play against Brazil who as everybody, even people that don't follow soccer know, is one of the top powerhouse teams in the world over the last several decades.


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