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I have within the last few months come across this new blog type website, that I cannot, not go to at least once a day (that is unless I'm at home where I don't have internet anymore.) is the name of this site, and its mission states:
This is a site for people who embrace technology and design in ther home.

If you haven't been able to tell I'm huge on technology (i.e. all the post about Apple stuff that I have done recently) and to those who personally know me, know that I like designing stuff. My lack of money and personal knowledge of building stuff usually keeps me from fullfilling any ideas I have though. But this site and given me even more great ideas, and even some stuff that I really want to look into if I ever get the chance. post topics about D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) projects that they come across and new and upcoming technology stuff that people might not of even been thinking of, and sometimes they even post on alternative ideas to common topics in today's world. Like for example I read through a post yesterday about "How to Live Without A TV and Cable" it was a pretty good read, and I have often emailed myself links to other post that I want to make sure I do not forget.

To go along with this great site they also have other blogs to include: - Saving the World, one room at a time. - Inspiring cooks. Nourishing homes - Home. Design. Children - Abundant Design for Green Homes

Each of these sites have had topics that I really enjoyed and I visit all of them if not on a daily basis then atleast once or twice a week. I really suggest that you go check out each of these sites, because I know you will find something that sparks your interest.


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