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Two and Two: FC Bayern Munich – Borussia Mönchengladbach


Well the 2011/2012 Bundesliga kicked off this weekend and the final match of the first week was between FC Bayern Munich a team that got 3rd last year and normally seems to run away with the league faced off against a team that narrowly escaped relegation to league 2 in Borussia Monchengladbach, please don't ask me to pronounce because I'm not 100% sure. I'm a little bit newer to even following European football/soccer and doubly so for Bundesliga, this just being like the 2nd or 3rd match I've watched. At first glance you would think that Bayern would just crush Monchengladbach but it is the first week of the season and you never know what will happen.

- Looked really solid, well except for maybe the defense. Bayern seemed to be passing well and everybody seemed to be involved in the game even though the defense seemed to be a bit more relaxed than the rest of the team and probably to relaxed. The new net minded Neuer had to make so pretty good saves that he probably shouldn't of had to make I the defense would of stepped up. Even that wasn't enough though and he was scored on and that was enough for Monchengladbach who then went into not trying to score more mode the rest of the game.

- Looked to be messing around too much or possibly took this game to lightly. Even with the strikers and midfielders looking pretty good i got this feeling at times that Bayern was taking this game far too lightly and with Monchengladbach scoring fairly late in the game they stepped it up but it was a little too late. If there was even possibly another 5-10 minutes in the game then it is possible that the match would of ended in a draw.

- Knew that it was the first game and possibly thought they could sneak away with at least a draw. Monchengladbach knowing anything could happen the first math of the season came in pushing as much as they could and it paid off with a 1-0 win against one of the top teams. Something that they hadn't done since 1995 I think I heard. The game could of easily been 2-0 in Gladbach's favor but a foul was called on them in the box on what would of been their first goal.

- Keeper is going to get really tired if Gladbach thinks they can just rely on him to keep this team in games. The defense might of done alright but it's hard to tell with them playing against FC Bayern first game of the season and this being really only like the second or third Bundesliga game that I have watched. Going against teams that are more of their caliber will probably look like they don't have a leaky defense but Bayern was able to get through the defense pretty easily. If it wasn't for the keeper playing lights out then Bayern could of easily one the game 4-1.


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