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2/100 Trying to repair a bicycle

This is what I felt like doing to mine after an hour.

I recently got a bike from a garage sale in preparation for an event that I'm doing at the end of the month. It needed a little repair or atleast I thought at first (probably still easy, but I can't seem to figure it out.) I was able to replace the inner tubes pretty easily and even get the brake pads replaced, because the bike hadn't been used in like 8 years. Upon taking a short ride to see if everything else worked. I found out that the brakes were kind of lose and didn't stop very well.

But the biggest problem I had was with the shifting. I found out that the I cannot shift into lower front gears, and if I somehow fix that then the higher gears don't work. Personally I think I would rather have the higher gears working then the lower ones, because it really sucks trying to pedal up a hill, when you are in a low gear, and you realize its not even that steep of a hill.

I was trying to figure out how to fix the bix myself, because my money is extremely tight and like to try and figure things out on my own, but even with the help of the internet/book I still couldn't seem to get it completely fix. Maybe it needs more work then I though, but I won't fully know till I try to save up some money and get it fixed by a professsional.


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