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45/100 Transformers

I was recently watching the first Transformers movie on TV and was reminded that most people complain about not being able to recognize the robots or be able to tell whats going on. Everybody just seems to be confused what they look like for some reason.

Maybe I guess my nerd for movies helps me, but I don't see what the problem is, granted I will say there are time that I may not be able to tell what from what, but everybody should realize that it is a movie, and the robots are aliens from another planet. So what part of the movie is suppose to make sense? Movies are generally made for entertainment purposes, and Transformers is defiently not any different, atleast not yet.

Maybe I need to go back and watch the second one and see if it gets confusing, but I vagily remember paying pretty close attention to that detail and still thought the same thing. So in 2012 when I believe Transormers 3 is suppose to come out, can we please just enjoy the movie for what it is suppose to be worth and not be so picky when it comes to a detail that isn't suppose to make sense. If you want to understand what your seeing and need it simpler, then go watch the cartoon series.


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