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72/100 Top Trilogies

My last post was about Yahoo's 100 Movies to see before you die, and if you look at that list you will see that there are quite a few movies that are part of a series, and more spefically trilogies. Everybody always seems to get into the debate of which trilogies are the best, and I'm here to post my opinion (that I'm an expert about) on which TRILOGIES I think are good. I emphasis trilogies, so this list will not include sagas like Star Wars despite everybody keeping them seperated into trilogies, I consider it a saga. I will also not be including Pirates of the Caribbean, because the 4th installment will be out shortly. Other trilogies that you might be thinking of that I will not be counting for similar reasons is Die Hard, Spiderman, Terminator, and X-Men

I have seperated my list into 4 categories: Good, Above Average, Average, (and then for the ones that I don't know, but think might fall in one of those categories) Not A Clue

These are in no particular order, because I don't like doing top 10 list.

-The Lord of the Rings
-The God Father
-Transformers (yes the 3rd hasn't come out yet, but I'm counting it)
-Resident Evil
-Ocean's Trilogy (Ocean's 11, 12, & 13)
-Mexico Trilogy (El Mariachi, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico)
-Austin Powers
-Toy Story

Above Average
-The Matrix
-Major League
-The Addams Family
-Beverly Hills Cop
-Evil Dead
-The Never Ending Story
-The Mummy
-Mission: Impossible
-Bourne Series (Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum) although it looks like a 4th might be starting up.
-Back to the Future

-Jurassic Park
-Legally Blonde
-The Transporter
-The Bad News Bears
-Crocodile Dundee
-Rush Hour
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (although some count the newer animated one as part of the series, but I happen to view it seperately although it still follows the time line.)
-The Naked Gun
-Ice Age

Not a Clue
Mad Max - Above Average +/-
Goal! - Average +/-
The Count of Monte Cristo - Average +/-
The Grudge - Average +/-
The Hills Have Eyes - Average +/-
Ong Bak - Average +/-

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