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1/100 This Damn Rash!!!

Mine wasn't nearly this bad, but felt this bad

So I went into Memorial Day weekend with the plans of doing a lot of yard work. Well I got a ton work done, but not quite as much as I was hoping. Apparently whatever vine I cleared out Saturday night decided to flare up on Memorial Day (Monday) and it made my life a living hell that day and I even had to call into work on Tuesday, because I still felt terrible. It was bad enough to make my eyes swell up like I got punched in both my eyes, just without the black eye lids.

In closing (even though I should of known better) I highly recommend wearing long sleeved shirt when clearing out any sort of vine. I was wearing gloves, but apparently it wasn't enough because as I write this almost a full week later, my arms still itch like crazy, but atleast my face is much better, even though it kind of looks like a dried up peice of leather.


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