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The Rest of Your Life.

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The human eye is great a picking up obstacles that are in front of us as we walk. Our eyes naturally look 3 to 5 feet in front of us as we are walking. That gives a person enough time to dodge an obstacle that might be in the way. Looking forward with our eyes up is a great thing! Yet, I am still very disturbed by football players who are very short sighted.

I watched an interview with a professional player who said, "I would rather have a hit too the head, than a hit too my legs." I just do not understand this point of view at all. This past weekend in the National Football League (NFL) games, there were several major injuries. Those injuries included a lot of knee injures and one serious spinal injury. Of these injuries, all of those who have knee injuries are expected to have surgery and return to playing football next year. But the player who had helmet to helmet contact and injured his spine, might never play again after spending time in the hospital.

If a player has an injured knee, shoulder, or ankle, they might miss some time from the game. A majority are not career ending or produce permanent damage to the body. Yet, the human brain is not repairable like a knee, shoulder, or ankle is. A doctor cannot just remove the good part of someone else's brain and transplant those section into your brain as a repair.

A person is gifted with only one trip around this planet, and yes playing in the NFL is a terrific gift. But a player had a life before football and will have a life after football, so why destroy something so valuable? The game of football was around before the players of today and will be around after the players of today have stopped playing.  But those players and their families will have to deal with the consequences of their actions on the field. So please try and take care of what you have, because there will be a tomorrow after today.


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