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The future… or is it ?

Well well well what have we here. A tale of ducktaped spoons , shovels , golf clubs and strainers ?? No I'm not talking about the latest Saint's Row 3 but I am speaking about the upcoming and highly anticipated RPG of South Park. That's right gingers be on the lookout for Kyle , Kenny , Stan , and that lovable fat ass Cartman. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have teamed up with Obsidian to give the long running series the game it deserves. This should shape up to be the first true South Park game seeing as T & M had no hand or part in any of the others. Obsidian fresh off of KOTOR II ( Knights of the Old Republic 2 ) had to send out a company wide e-mail to determine who would be comfortable working on this title with T & M..only 2 said no..( f***ing Losers !!! ).

You start off by making a new kid on the block character and taking him through the quiet mountain town that is going to be full scale and battle kids all over in different locals as you see fit. Apparently, there will be five classes to select from including wizard, rogue, adventurer and paladin, as well as an unannounced "unconventional" fifth class. Chef? Scientologist? Canadian? It could be anything. I'm just hoping that Mecha-Streisand turns up as a boss battle.

Now let's turn our focus to GTA V. I got in touch with my friend at Rockstar Dan Houser and he still is mum on everything. This game is set to be so super secret it's not even funny. It takes place in Los Santos which if you've been under a rock forever is a part of San Andreas.  Golf , hookers , jets all are here and I am waiting for a build demo to run through and tell more but I don't think it's going to happen til I meet up with them at E3 in L.A. next year.

Anybody remember the game SSX Tricky ?? You know the insane snowboarding game that let you do the most absurd moves like the upside down 1080 meloncholy into the goofy stance 1440 Rodeo backflip. Well wait no more because due out Feb.14th EA Canada is releasing it's much loveed game and it looks fantastic.

A few new releases due out in 2012 are a new yes i said new as in Scott Pilgrim new new Devil May Cry and a game I am looking forward to called Lollipop Chainsaw.

A quick review now...WWE 12 sucks poop for you. The new Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is a must buy for this holiday season. If santa doesn't get you that in your stocking then shove Blitzen and Donner up his fat red ass.

Halo 10th Anniversary

OMG !! Ok for those that know me this is known as Gaylo to me and shut up. This is the original and this is the reason I made the Sony ship jump many moons ago. That being said I love the ORIGINAL..not 2 or 3 or 4 or recon. Now that we have gotten through that this game is awesome. You can use the Kinect to voice commands like grenade or reload. This is so much fun. Analyze and scan the environment to learn about things and access them in the Halo library. I played with the flashlight for hours just saying flashlight and found myself firing aimlessly just to be able to say reload...and it really works. t=This I feel is a big step in the right direction for games to go when it comes to kinect functionality. I enjoyed using the controller and voice prompts to decimate the ever ending baddies. I give this remake  out of 5 because let's face is still Gaylo !
PoopPoopPoopPoopNo poop

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