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The Art of Teaching?

     As I enter my fourth year of homeschooling one of our daughters and the third year for our other daughter, I do not feel as if I have the "Art of Teaching" down. Children all learn differently and at their own pace. Our girls are no exception to that rule, as they each have different learning styles. Which makes teaching  both of them very interesting.

I treasure the time that I get to spend with my daughters and the chance that I have in helping out in their education. Yet, I find that at times I struggle with changing hats back and forth for each girls. The girls also have different levels of achievement. Although, I find myself sometimes expecting the two to be at the same.

We have developed a very good communication system for the girls to help me out. For the times that I am struggling or am not teaching in a way that one of the girls can understand, the girls will plainly look me in the face and tell me, "Dad,  I do not understand what you are trying to teach me." That is my signal to change the way I am communicating the information. We really struggled for a semester trying to work out this communication pattern.

There is definitely an "Art to Teaching." Yet, I think the 'Art' is constantly changing and developing. If you do not work at developing the skills or keep up with the times, the 'Art' you have will be out of touch. This is going to be another great school year at Gramling School of Learning!

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