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44/100 Texting

In the last several years a new technology has taken off. No I'm not talking about Facebook, atleast not yet. Texting, everybody seems to be doing it now days, even some grandparents from what I hear. Texting allows you to send direct messages to other people without actually having to talk to them, or answer the other person immediately, well usually.

I love texting. I do it a lot, and I'm glad I have unlimited text on y plan, but there is something that I don't like, besides my current phone that I use for texting (I miss my iPhone!) That would be all these abbreviations. BRB, OMG ROFL, JK, K and many more. The one that irratates me a lot though is LOL. Which means Laughing Out Loud. But really, who ever actually laughs out loud when they say that? Probably most people that use it. I personnally reframe from using most of these shortened words like LOL. If I think it is funny, I will say that's funny. I also think that sosme of these words are messing with the spelling knowledge of the younger generations. I know my spelling isn't the best but I try my best. Like the the word "probably" for example. The text form is suppose to be "proply" or "prolly" or something like that. Probably doesn't even have two p's or l's in it so why would you use that as the shortened form. I guess I'm just starting to sound like a cranky old man. Guess its time for me to go watch Murder She Wrote and head off to bed at like 5pm.



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