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Super Bowl Recap

Let's keep this one short and simple.  Seattle showed up to play and Denver didn't.  That's it....end of discussion.

You can look at every aspect of the game, every unit and there is no scenario where Denver comes out on top.  Whether it is defense, offense, special teams or coaching.  You can look at the defensive secondary "Legion of Boom", linebackers, defensive line, offensive line, wide receivers, running backs and even all ends up with the same result.

I believe the tone was set after the first 12 seconds in the 1st quarter when Manning had trouble communicating with his offensive line, and the ball was snapped into the end zone for a safety. Seattle 2-Denver 0.  The blame for this one falls on Manning and the center, Ramirez.

Then Seattle drove 55 yards to the Denver 9 yard line and ultimately ended up kicking a field goal.  Seattle 5-Denver 0

Denver went 3 and out and gained only 8 yards.  Seattle got the ball back and drove another 58 yards and kicked another field goal.  Seattle 8-Denver 0.  At this point I thought that Denver had weathered an early storm and would turn things around.  Their defense had kept Seattle to only field goals and a single touchdown would put Denver right back into the game.

Denver got the ball and had a net gain of 3 yards on 3 plays.  On the 3rd play, Manning threw one of many "ducks" of the evening and it ended up being intercepted. Seattle ran 2 plays and this ended the 1st quarter with a 8-0 score.  Seattle started the 2nd quarter by finishing the 37 yard drive and scoring on a Marshawn Lynch TD.  Seattle 15-Denver 0.

Denver got the ball on the next possession and actually made significant positive yardage gains.  They drove 49 yards to the Seattle 35 yard line before Manning threw his 2nd interception of the game.  This time the interception, by Malcom Smith, was returned for a TD.  Seattle 22-Denver 0.  This interception can be shared with Manning, Franklin and most importantly Moreno.  I blame Moreno most for this because after the ball was tipped, he stood in place and waited for the ball to come to him.  He made little to no attempt to attack the ball.  Smith on the other hand did.  He ran around the stationary Moreno, attacked the ball and ran 69 yards for the score.

On Denver's next possession, they moved the ball 48 yards to the Seattle 19 before failing to convert on a 4th and 2.  Seattle got the ball ran 2 quick plays to end the half Seattle 22-Denver 0.

The half-time show, in my opinion, was more entertaining than the game.  Bruno Mars had one heck of a performance as did The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  But I'm not here to tell you about the half-time show...back to the game.  I figured that Denver was in a hole, but a hole that they could climb out of.  I figured they would come out a completely different team in the 2nd half, boy was I wrong.

Seattle chose to defer to Denver after winning the coin toss and ended up getting to start the 3rd quarter with the ball. Denver choose to kick it short, and 12 seconds and 87 yards later the game was officially over.  Seattle 29-Denver 0.

The teams traded punts on the next 2 drives.  Denver gained 38 yards and Seattle gained 11 yards.  On Denver's next possession, they moved the ball 34 yards to the Seattle 21 before D. Thomas fumbled the ball because he was being careless with ball security.  6 plays, 58 yards and about 100 missed tackles later, Wilson hit Kearse for a TD.  Seattle 36-Denver 0.

Denver got the ball again and went 80 yards for their only score of the game.  A nice throw and catch by Manning and D. Thomas.  Denver attempted the 2 point conversion and it was successful.  Seattle 36-Denver8.  This ended the 3rd quarter and any hope that Denver would win its 3rd Lombardi Trophy.

The 4th quarter ended with Denver gaining 43 yards on 3 possessions and another turnover.  This last turnover game on the only sack of the evening for either team.  Seattle had 3 drives and gained an additional 76 yards and 1 more score on a pass to D. Baldwin.  The final score on this evening was Seattle 43-Denver 8.  The 35 point differential is tied for the 3rd largest of all time.

Like I said on Sunday, to say that this game was one-sided would be a complete understatement.  Denver was completely overmatched and stood no chance.  I listened to several analysts talk about the game that evening and the following day.  Here are a few of the talking points;

  • Denver's offense was never really tested in the regular season.  Kansas City did for a bit, so did Indianapolis and New England but none of those teams are even on the same playing field as far as physicality as Seattle.
  • All season long, the biggest complaint about the Denver offense is that they are a finesse team.  They do not match up well with physical defenses.
  • Denver can keep it's head up.  They beat 15 other AFC teams to win the AFC Conference Championship.
  • The season wasn't a total wash.  The records that were set in the regular season and in the Super Bowl cannot be completely dismissed because of 1 loss.  (Even though analysts ripped New England in 2008 when they set all their records and lost the Super Bowl)...somehow this is different.
  • And lastly my favorite point...The ref's cheated Denver and were not calling pass interference on the to all the penalties they called on Denver for their ILLEGAL pick plays.

Let me know what you thought of the Super Bowl.  Who is to blame for the complete collapse?  What changes do you see Seattle or Denver making in the offseason to repeat as champions or make it back to the Super Bowl?  How do you think your team will fare next season?

The season has come to a close and I am once again drawn into that ever so depressed feeling.  No football games to speak of...only highlights of seasons past and all the coulda-woulda-shouldas.  I reach for anything that can draw the new NFL season one day closer.

I follow the NFL recruiting and read player scouting reports.  I read and make hundreds of mock drafts, analyzing and critiquing each one.  I follow the scouting combine and marvel at the feats of strength, speed and athleticism that I could only dream of.  I watch the NFL draft and analyze what the result was and how it could have been better....because I know what NFL teams should have done instead.  I think I'll just sit by the phone and wait for their call.

I track the offseason transactions of teams from players being released, retiring players and new free agent signings.  I painstakingly analyze the offseason practices and workout and make my annual predictions.  I count down the days (213 to be exact) until the start of a new season and the start of all the cheering and high's and low's that come with being a NFL football fan.

What are your offseason traditions?  What are you looking forward to most about the offseason and/or regular season?

-Joseph Yslas ---- Follow me on Twitter @J_Salsy

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