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Steve Jobs


We recently lost a man that only comes along every so often and does something truly incredible and is among few people that can say changed the way this world looks at stuff and even interacts for that matter. Of course everybody knows him as the guy that ran Apple and pretty much created the iPod which changed the way the world listens to music, then was able to put that together with a phone that roughly something like 1% of the world now has a version of, but he did more then just that.

He defied things that people said couldn't be done. One company said that the Mac would never live up to expectations of a PC, but now it is one of the leading devices in the market. He was once forced out of running Apple only to return something like 12 years later, when Apple who was starting to fail bought Steve Jobs company that he formed after Apple ousted him, and held that until the summer of 2011, where he eventually stepped down as CEO from health problems which finally got the better of him in October of 2011 at the age of only 56.

When I originally sat down to do this post I had all these ideas of what I was actually going to say, but simply I guess I just don't know as much about the man as I should besides the fact that the simple idea of what he did for this world helps motivate people such as myself to do even the slightest of thing as best as we can. I only hope that I can continue to keep a man like Steve Jobs in my head to help inspire me.

I was recently looking through some famous quotes of Steve Jobs and one of the ones I came across that I definitely want to try and follow closely and so far I think I do a decent job is. "My job is not to be easy people. My job is to take these great people we have and to push them and make them even better." That is a quote that I have tried to keep in my head most recently with my youth soccer team. They have been a great team, but I have to push them to make them even better. I even recently took a couple huge steps to ensure that happens. Yeah sure my team may of finally lost a game, but I have to not get discouraged nor let the team get that way and just keep focusing on what I'm striving to make the team do and that is make them even better.

This is a photo from the early days of Apple when I believe Steve was just working out of the garage of a house and just look at what Apple has become today and that is due to a man like Steve Jobs


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