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Kansas City Wiza… Wait? What? Sporting Kansas City?

Sporting Kansas City

I had a lot of time to think this past week and upon reading some other stuff earlier last week, I came to the conclusion that with the name change to Sporting Kansas City that it could potentially support a WPS (Women's Professional Soccer) team obviously of the same name and everything including the new stadium that will be opening soon. It is still probably a little ways out, but their have been small rumors here and there for several years.

Personally I think that having a higher caliber women's team in the Kansas City area could be really good for women's professional soccer and I kind of hope that they get it done before the WPS decides to just fold, because other teams decided to call it quits.

Well a little rumor that I heard a couple months ago from a pretty credible source has actually come to true. Well not so much that it came true, but it actually happened. I myself didn't want to believe that it could possibly happen, mostly because Kansas City sports fan are usually pretty diehard about their teams. Myself included. Yes even soccer. But on Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 what use to be known as the Kansas City Wizards have actually changed their once MLS cup champion winning name (2000) to Sporting Kansas City or simply Sporting KC, what have you. Along with this change comes probably quite a bit of upcoming hurdles, questions, gripes, moans, complaints, people not realizing KC already had a soccer team but are now interested, et cetera.

Now a couple things that I wrote down that came to mind real quick (and I will cover all of them):
1. Wizards are no longer - well I kind of covered that in my intro.
2. Season Ticket Holders/Loyalty
3. Jimmy Conrad Podcast kind of mentioned it.
4. Rugby Team
5. Dynamo/Mascot
6. I didn't mind the old or new name
7. Premier League style approach
8. Change of Players/Staff
9. Reserve League
10. Website is now

Now alright and in no particular order:

I had mentioned that a credible source had mentioned it in, and who could be more credible of a source then a player, and not just any player, probably the most celebrated player in Wizard's or I guess I should say Sporting KC's history. Jimmy has a podcast that he does himself (although I keep thinking that I am going to submit a resume to help him with it and just haven't) although it probably doesn't have the downloads it should, mentioned that there were talks going around about possible name changing. His cohost had mentioned that they should probably start doing that now in preparation for the opening of the new stadium next June (possibly earlier?) because it would be entirely too difficult to accomplish such a feat in the middle of a season. Well they are obviously not dumb people, because it is happening as talked about.

I somewhat understand the name change and the wanting to go a different direction, but as I had also previously mentioned Kansas City has die-hard fans, even for soccer. I honestly don't mind the change, but I have already talked to several Family members and friends that think that it is dumb, lame, or simply don't understand. One friend even mention that it seems very EPL (English Premier League) like in the name, and after watching the video from the Sporting KC President, Robb Heineman and the way he described what their direction is, which I'm sure is pretty much true for any team really, I had this feeling that they really are going to strive to have a highly competitive team. Maybe that is just me being gullible, but I would hope not. I can kind of see why they were kind of pushing the sales of 2011 season ticket sales.

Which brings me to my next point. Season past/present or newer season ticket holders are they really upheld to keeping what they paid for? Not just the new Wizards stadium which is basically what they were selling, because I'm sure everybody was pretty much expecting the same team or at least players and staff at least, but maybe they never actually sold it as the Wizard's new stadium, maybe it was just sold as the new soccer stadium, failing to mention anything about wizards. So where does everybody's loyalty lie now? Will this name change make die-hard fans jump ship and maybe go back to supporting another newer indoor soccer team that holds its original name or will the faithful make the change, albeit not really wanting too? I'm sure there will quite a few people that jump off the band wagon, but then then there will be new people to jump in, especially if they do start to follow and execute correctly a Premier type club team's playing style.

Having heard and making comments about a Premier style team, makes me then wonder if the team will actually be the same next year. It seems like a lot of times when something like this occurs staff and players are changed drastically, sometimes getting rid of players that pretty much help build this team. (cough Jimmy Conrad) I really hope that they don't do anything like that. If the team can play all year next year like they did towards the end of this last season, then I think you can easily see them make the playoffs next season, which would be a great story with the new stadium, new name, and possibly anything else. So in my opinion it would be wise to keep everything pretty much the same.

Well I guess I wouldn't say not to change anything, besides the obvious name change that just happen. There is one gimmick that I would like to see gone, and I am a fan with children. The thing that I would like to see gone is Dynamo the team mascot. He is a dragon, which to me makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but thats what they wanted to do at the time. I really hope though that they do away with it all together or at least have something worth a damn. I mean the Royals have Slugger and it took me a long time to get use to that, and KC Wolf has been around since I was a child and although it doesn't quite make since for a team named the Chiefs, he is a staple in the team's history (even being inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame) but Dynamo makes no sense even after years of having him around. I think even my oldest, who is only 6, asked why he was the mascot. Please get rid of him, or figure something else out, that won't suck. I'm sorry to the person who normally wears the Dynamo outfit, but even you should realize how dumb it is for what use to be the Wizards.

A couple other things that have been somewhat mentioned in all this new name talk is the Reserver League, which is looked more along the lines of a minor league system for upcoming players, that are probably too old for college, U18, et cetera teams, but can't quite make a MLS squad, because their skills still need a little more development. It has been confirmed that there will be a reserve league for the 2011 season, so it should be interesting to see what becomes of that. I'm sure that Sporting KC will have a team, and honestly could probably have two, but then that comes down to money. Something else that has kind of gone around is a rugby team at least playing at the same stadium as Sporting KC and I have heard of teams before having the same name for Soccer (futbol) and their Rugby team, so I guess we should hear more shortly about what will happen with the possibility of a professional rugby team in the KC area.

Have you read through all this and your still not sure what the heck I'm talking about, well be sure to visit the Sporting KC website at and I'm sure the site will tell you a few more technical details in the days to come.

And additionally I have included the YouTube video that was put out from the Sporting KC President about the change.

Hope you have enjoyed this post, and be sure to share, twit, like or whatever you would like with it.

And if you don't like the changes, then you know your always safe with yelling.



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  1. I didn’t know the league was planning a Reserve league for teams. That would be very interesting and would improve our National team in years to come. Anything to have more people playing soccer for a longer period of time with help us for the 2014 World Cup!

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