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Sporting KC Jersey Sponsor Idea

By: Ed Blythe Twitter: ed_blythe

There has been a lot of talk lately about Sporting KC getting a jersey sponsor for this coming year.  With the Chicago Fire announcing the sponsor ship from Quaker Oats for reportedly approximately $2.5 million per year for three years talk have again rising about the state of Sporting KC’s jersey sponsor.  A lot of the fans would love to see a local business be able to be on the front of the jersey.  While I also would like to see this happen the list of companies that can afford this amount of money to be placed into their advertising budget shrinks that list significantly.  That being said I have a suggestion for people that want a jersey sponsor but also want it to be a local business.

Breaking down the Chicago Fire’s deal it is approximately $75,000 per league game. Now if you add in that there will be at least one US Open Cup game then that number drops to just above $71,000 per game.  The deal is for the year not for just game-by-game bases so the better that they do the more games you will play and the more the sponsor will be seen.  This would drop the game cost average but that is unknown at this time.  If the Chicago Fire were able to win the US Open Cup, 5 games, and the MLS playoffs, 6 games, then the cost per game would be approximately $55,500.

Taking this average of cost from the Chicago Fire deal and making it a round number of say $75,000 per league game could Sporting KC then find multiple sponsor that would be willing to buy the league games?  You can divide of the number of league games however you want and create packages for the sponsors to buy.  This would make it more feasible to the jersey sponsor to remain local.  Can a local company like Boulevard Beer afford to sponsor say a 4 game package compared to a 34 game package?

Now this does not take into account the US Open Cup games, any friendlies, and MLS playoffs.  I imagine that you could come up with sponsors just for those select times.  Create a US Open Cup package and an MLS playoffs package.  The sponsor could just pay for the games played but knowing the max amount that it could cost if the team went to the final and agree to pay that amount.  This way the team is not left without a sponsor in the final, or scrambling to find one at the last minute.

I, like a lot of people, would like to see local business like Boulevard Beer, Hallmark, AMC Entertainment, and Cerner, just to name a few be on the front of the jersey.  These are businesses that perhaps do not want to or are not able to spend the $2.5 million per year that Quaker Oats just did but could sponsor 4 games at $300 thousand.  This is all just a thought of how to keep the sponsor local while getting a sponsor in the first place.  I am sure the Sporting KC is working on this and knows better than me how to complete a jersey sponsorship.

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