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Two and Two: #Sporting – #Dynamo (Eastern Conference Final)


This was the Eastern Conference Final game between Sporting Kansas City and Houston Dynamo. Two teams that seemingly are very similar except for tonight as both teams struggled but one team was able to work past their problems even after losing their top player and get an end result in their favor and move onto the MLS Cup final. The other team had probably one of the most interesting season starting the first 10 games on the road and not getting the results they wanted or needed and started their home campaign in last place in the league and were still able to fight and fight until they were the top team to beat in the Eastern Conference, but just couldn't pull it off in the end.

- Just couldn't get their normal flow going. Sporting has just seem to have this flow about them in the last couple regular games and even the playoffs up to this point, but tonight they just couldn't seem to get into the groove and flow that they have experienced the last part of the season including playoffs. Dynamo also seemed to experience something similar at the beginning of the game, but were able to work through it while Sporting KC just couldn't seem to get it rolling like they have been. Everybody just seemed to be off and the communication just didn't seem to be there as I saw Sporting players run into their own team mates during play on a few occasions.

- Kept fighting until it was over. Even after the second goal Dynamo scored Sporting wanted to try and get some sort of result and I can almost guarantee that every single player would say that they wanted some sort of result for the fans sake. Each player was completely humbled by the way that the fans have supported this team all season. So that would be why Sporting never gave up. That and you could tell that they were hoping to pull off something like Seattle or Dallas did against them and pull out the victory right at the end of the game. It was a really faint chance, but the important thing is that team never stopped trying and it is something like that which makes teams great.

- Had a hard time getting it going. They were finally able to get it going, and luckily for Dynamo, Sporting was also seemingly off their game that they were able to play around and get past their early difficulties even after losing their major player due to injury. Sporting could of really made Dynamo pay for their terribly early play and really Dynamo seemed to even be lucky that they were able to get the kinks worked out, but that just proves how good of a team they really can be.

- More experienced team. Simply put Dynamo has been in this position more recently then Sporting and was able to work past their early game problems and finish the game and score goals when it mattered. They were able to finally get a goal shortly into the second half and didn't rest on that 1-0 lead as they knew that Sporting would continue to push and so they went after another goal that they were able to get shortly before stoppage time and get the final end result of 2-0 against a Sporting team that definitely didn't play their best tonight.


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