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50/50 Friendly Ball: #SportingKC – #Montpellier 24Jul12

Now this ended up being the type of match that most people would expect from an international friendly between a MLS club and any European club team that is in their top tier much like Montpellier is. Montpellier came out early dominating pretty much the entire match much like Sporting has against their MLS counterparts and got thumped 3-0. Now it must also be said that Sporting pretty much put all their reserve players out to the slaughter, but really that was probably a really good thing. I say it was a good thing because it got those guys great experience against a top flight team in Montpellier so here in the home stretch of the MLS regular season Sporting knows exactly what they possibly have on the bench. For Montpellier they seemed to be really working hard and most likely to keep that top status in their league. I don't know what the rest of the French league is like, but I would imaging that barring injury (maybe even if they do suffer a few minor injuries) that they are expected to be in the top of the table again.


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