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92/100 Share/Facebook Like Button

Something that the internets has introduced lately that is really helpful to tell your friends where you find all the awesome stuff that you find on the world wide web.

If your an avid user of Facebook, like I am, then most web pages, companies, events, and pretty much whatever you want now days has something called a 'like' page where you can easily get updated from your favorite places. does have a Facebook 'like' page.

Something else, that I use to even share stuff with myself, so that I don't forget is a 'sharethis' button it is generally a little green button that you can find on internet toolbars, like if you have the Google toolbar, which is incredible by the way, or most blogs will have it at the end of each blog post. A lot like this blog has a sharethis button at the end of each post. Sharethis buttons usually include you to share with your friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and several other types of social media type places that I have not gotten into yet.

If you don't have a sharethis button available (especially on your toolbar) then you should look into making it available, and start sharing stuff with friends and family. Just look for the little green button similar to the ones in the picture above (that links to the sharethis button website) or the sharethis link right below this post.


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