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91/100 Wanting to sell our House

Something that my wife and I have been talking about for probably two years, is selling our house. We would really like to try and get closer to our family, which isn't really that far away, but when you combine it with having to drive to work and other activities it gets really tiring. Not to mention that our neighborhood isn't the best, and we tend to have issues with one neighbor or another and on a constant basis we have to deal with on of your neighbors small, old, fat, and mean dogs, that I just want to punt, if I knew I wouldn't get bit by them, and afraid that I would throw out my back trying to pick any of them up.

Why don't we just sell it you ask. Well you find out that a house take a ton of work, especially old ones, to keep up in decent shape, and we haven't really been able to afford that. Plus we currently owe more on it, then its worth, and thus it would be hard to even sell the house to break even. Now put all that together and combine that with the fact that the housing market can't seem to make up its mind whether it wants to recover or not, and seems to just be getting worse. Which makes it an awesome time to buy a house, but a crap time trying to sell a house.

We keep saying next year, next year, next year, but I have a feeling that as long as we don't struggle any more then we already have, then we might actually be able to sell it within the next year, and move back to where we should of just stayed.


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