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REVIEW – Nike Mercurial Glide TF

In my attempt to start reviewing items I've decided to cover the first pair of turf shoes that I have ever had.It is not completely my pair of indoors but my other pair was a pair of flats that are better for hard surfaces. These Nike Mercurial Glides are my first pair of actual indoor turf cleats, hence the TF. This pair is actually the last version as there is now the Mercurial Glide II. These are the top of the line Mercurial as there is also a Victory version but the laces are not covered up like they are in the Glides.

First I would like to say that these boots feel incredible on your feet. I am always nervous about getting new shoes let alone boots especially if I don't get a chance to try them on first. I bought this pair online and I am so glad that they have worked out. I put them on once I got them to just try them out and figure out if I was going to have to send them back and I didn't want to take them off, but had too since I try to take good care of any soccer equipment I get to try and make sure that it has a long life, unlike my brother who seems to on purpose abuse any gear he gets, but I guess it is because of the stuff he does that helps me figure out what I would like to get in the long run.

Second playing in these boots has been pretty good and I am speaking from a sense that I have not been able to play in them very long besides a couple training sessions to include a youth practice with my team and then pretty much just messing around for about an hour. It was pretty much me just trying to get them broken in before a game I was set to play in for local media. I will say that I thought they performed very well even with me having a sprained ankle that was still really sore was effecting my play, but that has nothing to do with the actual boots themselves. I was playing on a MISL (Major Indoor Soccer League) field which is a pretty firm field turf and these boots absolutely loved being on this field and I really wish that the media game would have been a lot longer then it was. I cannot wait until I get to go back out on the field and wear these on the indoor field some more. Luckily where I live (KC area) I should only have to wait another week or two.

Third and finally the only bag thing that really isn't that bad unless you have to change out your laces is that the laces are covered by that exterior material that you see but there is a purpose for that and that is to keep the laces from further effecting any possible shot disturbance when shooting the ball or kicking it with the laces. Like I said it isn't really that big of problem, but I can see why it would bother somebody regardless if the shoes come laced up or not. One other thing I think I can easily get over because I think it could actually help is that with a lot of the boot being a single panel around the toe all the way to the back and being cut a little differently the top of the toe has quickly gotten bend marks in it and it already doesn't look as smooth, but I think that this will help soften the top up and thus give the boot a better feeling. Plus if these boots are used for an extended time like several season for a recreational or lower competitive level (like myself) then it will be a more relaxing boot and will hopefully provide a better touch on the ball. Especially if you can keep the bottom of the sole in a good condition.

I have decided to provide pictures of the other glides for anybody to get a better idea of selections available. The first will be the other Glide, and the second (yellowish looking one) will be the Glide II which is the newer one. Sorry I cannot provide right off anything that is different between the old and new style.










All these opinions are also based off my first impressions so far and depending on over time use I may have to provide an update.


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