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Review: Sporting KC take down other CCL group opponent on the road in Olimpia

Taken from Sporting KC's Google+

Although it was late and I was very tired this was an interesting game to watch. What made it even better is that Sporting was able to secure yet another road victory, and shutout for that matter, to put themselves on top of their group with their final two group games being back at home. As one of the commentators pointed out though both the teams they have played are pretty much just getting their seasons started while Sporting is wrapping theirs up in a couple of months and their last two group games will most likely be a bit harder but with them being on top of the group with two wins they stand a good chance to move on already.

This game seemed to start off a bit rougher as Olimpia were pushing a bit harder then Real Esteli did in the previous match but in the 28th minute Sporting's up and coming star in Soony Saad was able to find the back of the next after passing a few defenders, while keeping possession of the ball, and slotting it right past the diving GK to put Sporting up 1-0. After that Olimpia just couldn't seem to completely get anything together with the exception of a couple drives that gave Sporting GK a little bit of a problem but nothing that came in the result for Olimpia. Dom Dwyer was able to give the defense some fits once he came into the game and was awarded a PK which Saad took and hit just hard enough that even the GK getting a hand to the ball wasn't enough to keep it from going in the goal and putting Sporting up 2-0 which would then hold till the final whistle.


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