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Review: Sporting KC fall to good heads up play by Fire’s Jumper.

Picture taken from Sporting KCs Google+ page.

Well I hate to say that I was afraid of this but really I was not. To be perfectly honest I didn't get to watch the entire game but did get to see the loan goal scored by what I described as a good heads up play by the Chicago Fire. Sporting was playing well but obviously not well enough to find the equalizer against the Fire. This now means that Sporting has lost 4 of the last 5 games with just 8 regular season games remaining not to mention a couple of CCL games as well. Hopefully they are getting their stumbling out of the way now so that they can hopefully be strong in the playoffs granted at this point they probably won't be the top seed, but I'm thinking they may not be worried about being the top seed but instead just want to make sure that they are solid and can preform.


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