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Q & A with Craig Rocastle

By: Ed Blythe Twitter: ed_blythe

I was recently able to exchange e-mail with Craig Rocastle and ask him some questions regarding his past and future. I want to first thank Mr. Rocastle for taking the time to answer the questions and be willing to in the first place. As you know Mr. Rocastle was with Sporting KC be being let go, returned to Greece and now has come back to play with the Missouri Comets. I for one can’t wait to see him play this year and hope that what you read brings a little insight to who he is.

(Q) You were just in Kansas City a short time yet you decided to return here after the year in Greece is there any particular reason or just something about the city hit you the short time you were here?

(R) Coming to Kansas City in 2010 my plan was to be here for a long time and despite my injury in the Gold Cup June 2011 which ended my 2nd season with Sporting KC I still considered Kansas City as home. I met my girlfriend here and we've just had a baby girl May 2012. I did return to my former Greek team in January 2012 for their 2nd half the season to play games and get my form back after the surgery.

(Q) From what I have been able to research of your career this is your first time that you will be playing indoor soccer are there part that you are looking forward to and also part you are not looking forward to?

(R) As explained to a lot of people soccer outside the United States is really the number 1 sport so growing up you play it every day, everywhere possible. So yes I’ve never played indoor as a profession but it is something I’m very comfortable doing. The Missouri Comets is a great organization, who have treated me so well and I’m hoping to repay it back with success.

(Q) If the chance came up would you like to return to a team that plays outdoors?

(R) I had options but I needed to make the best option for my family and this deal after 3 months of thought made the most sense for all parties involved. Being a parent you have to provide stability and there is a lot of places I would not want my child to grow up in and there are also places where my girlfriend could not continue her career in. We are all very happy with the decision made it is a new beginning.

(Q) As you climb in years above 30 and your career start to wind down is there one last football goal you haven't reached yet that you can see you accomplishing?

(R) There is nothing I have not done in my career so far that I did not dream about doing. I am grateful for what I have achieved and I'm sure I'll continue to achieve more because I'm healthy and still have the hunger. I have just started my coaching session’s #FocusOnTheGain which is doing well so far and I hope to expand this into a small academy in the near future.

(Q) After your playing career is coaching what you envision and want to do and would you focus more on academy age groups or do you want to get in a professional level?

(R) Both! Right now I'm coaching all ages on a 1 on 1 basis and also coaching a U9 team at Topeka Select 'Comets' and I really enjoy it. I've been approached to do a lot more now I've decided to stay in Kansas and I'm exciting about building my academy in the near future.

As for the professional side of things I'm building my coaching portfolio and getting the necessary qualifications to be certified so if an opportunity at a professional level is there I'll be ready to accept.


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