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Preview: #SportingKC – Stoke City


I know that I am way behind on reviews and I will get caught up eventually, but right now I need to focus on previews as well and here is another quick one for tonights match against EPL team Stoke City.

I look to see Sporting take this game a little bit more seriously then their match against Montpellier just a week ago that saw Sporting get thumped by the French team 3-0. Looking at the line up though for tonight it seems like Sporting is focusing on resting their main starters and will be starting all reserve players with a couple of the starters most likely just hanging out on the bench for the entire match.

Guess it is a good way to have the reserve players particpate in some more difficult matches so that they can be ready for some regular matches if need be in the near future, like possibly in their playoff push.


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