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79/100 Politics

Something that I have never, nor probably will ever understand is Politics. I understand the need for politics, but I feel like I just don't understand how politics work. Yes even despite having to take an American Government class in High School. But honestly who seems to ever understand politics?

Obama is the recent person elected to be the President of the United States of America. Most people seemed to love him and he was suppose to bring forth all these major changes. After only 100 days he already had people that completely flipped on him and thought he was almost worse then Bush (either one.) I had a close friend that was actually getting me somewhat interested in the 2008 political race and they were a heavy supporter of Obama, but now after 2 years, they along with almost everybody else that supported him are ready for yet more change.

I have had a great deal of leadership training, and have had to deal with politics a lot, especially during my time in the military, but like I said before. I don't think I will ever understand them, and honestly I almost feel like I'm too the point that I don't care. Yeah I want things to be better, but I think the simple fact that it will be damn near impossible in today's world. Nobody can seem to do anything right.

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