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59/100 Persons Unknown

I have recently come across this new show on NBC and have become quite intrigued with it.

Persons Unknown is a new show on NBC and appears to be a mini-series because NBC promotes that all questions will be answered by the end of the summer. I really wish I would of caught the entire first episode, because I would probably have a little bit better of understanding, but I think that I have still been following along pretty good.

The idea behind the show is that a group of people that are complete strangers to each other have been abducted and taken to a ghost town, that they cannot seem to escape despite their constant attempts. The viewers are also shown a small story line that is appearing outside of the group that involves one of the members, and we gradually find out more and more information that pertains to each member of the abducted group, and even some of the people that seem to be working in this town.

It has been a very interesting show so far and I really look forward to finding out what is fully going on. I just hope I am not dissapointed like lost fans where. If your looking for something to watch during the week, then you might try to catch up on Persons Unknown and finish watching this mini-series show with me.

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