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96/100 Other Blog Series Ideas

Well I'm nearing the end of my first major push of blogging. I think the 100/100 was a good idea and if schedule holds I will actually be finishing up 2 days early (Just to give myself some head room.)

So it's time to start thinking about if I should follow up with another blog series or just continue blogging, but maybe not as consistent. Well I will defiantly be blogging just maybe one ore two post a week, and I have a few ideas of what series I should follow up with.

Ideas include 1000 links in 100 days. Where I would provide approx. 10 links a day to different sites for 100 days. I have several links ready, but I'm not quite ready to start that idea I think. I also have a 6 degrees of separation idea, random pictures idea, funny emails, and of course my favorite, starting movie reviews.

I'm not sure what I will pursue, but if your reading this, then I hope you have enjoyed it and told friends and family to check it out. After the 100/100 wraps up I will be taking a short break, but stay tuned for what to follow, I know I have some good ideas in the works. Just need to be able to apply them the way I want to.

If you have any question, comments, concerns, and defiantly recommendations, then please don't hesitate to email me, post on the Facebook comment section, or get a hold of me however you would like.

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