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082/100 What to do with Old Jerseys

082 terrell-owens

Ok so I'm not really a T.O. fan, but he is probably the best example that I could think of besides maybe Larry Johnson, but I was trying to think of somebody that could be the best example of having played for the most teams, and thus came up with Terrell Owens.

This post isn't really just about players that jump from team to team, but also for players that sometimes are pretty much told not to comeback to the team via trade, cut, arrested, or what have you. Some of the most recent examples (and I'm sorry to say are all football, because I haven't heard to many from baseball, because I don't pay as close attention to baseball as I would like) are:

Jay Cutler - played for Denver Broncos then pretty much demanded a trade and pretty much telling Denver to eff themselves.

JaMarcus Russell - Drafted as the #1 pick in 2007 NFL draft, has looked terrible (to put it lightly) and was cut before the 2010 training season even started.

Larry Johnson - Played for Kansas City, got himself into quite a bit of trouble, and was cut in the middle of a season, and is already on his 2nd team in as many years.

Albert Haynesworth - Was a 1st round draft pick by Tennessee Titans in 2002, and was really good, but decided that he would rather follow money and went to the Washington Redskins in 2009 for record money and has been lack luster at best.

and not to leave him out because he thinks he is so special

Terrell Owens - has gotten himself in trouble with his big mouth with every team he has played for which comes to a total of now 5 teams (he hasn't been in trouble with his new team yet, but give it time, the season hasn't even started.) which includes San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Buffalo, and his newest team Cincinnati.

Now just think about how many jerseys that is in all, and all the people that just decided to no longer wear their jerseys any more because of a hatred for those players. Well I haven't found a good blog or website that is specialized to sports jerseys, but I did find this website called "My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress" (click on the link to go to his blog) I think we could all get some good ideas from this site and maybe when he gets bored with his ex-wife's wedding dress, he can find some things to do with his ex-favorite player's jersey.


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