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41/100 Old Glory

The United States Flag also sometimes called Old Glory is what some might call the logo of America. It is without a doubt probably the most reconigzed symbol in the world. Flags, paintings, murals, attire, decals for cars, badges, pins, or what have you. It has a much bigger reason for being the way that it is, but I don't think most people know just how important it truly is.

The entire flag has a reason for being the way that it is, especially with the 13 white and red stripes. There are all sorts of reasons to use it for decoration, but there is etiquette that should be followed especially when putting the flag on display. Particular days that it should be displayed include the 4th of July (Independence Day), Labor Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day and Memorial Day.

Not only do all federal facilities desplay the flag everyday, but there are several loacations that display the flag continuosly to include The White House, Washingtong Monument, Gettysburg, Valley Forge, the South Pole and the Moon.

Being an American is a very honoring thing and I make sure to display my patriotism accordingly and I suggest you do too. If you don't have a flag, first, why the hell not and second go get one right now and make sure you have it on full display on Independence Day. Just do me a favor and keep the fireworks away from Old Glory, please.


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