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no soccer

I have been without soccer of any kind since Ash Wednesday. I have not logged into check my Facebook or Twitter account. I have not been able to follow any of my soccer teams, watch ESPN or the Fox Sports channels. I was not able to watch the Big 12 Tournament because the games were broadcast on ESPN.

Lately almost every I turn I see something soccer related! I had a national news channel on the television and walked out of the room. I could still hear the television and the channel started to do a news report about a tragedy at a soccer event. Or the people who come up to check and see how my soccer fast is going. Nothing like having the fact that I cannot watch soccer being brought to my attention by a lot of people. I realize that the people are not trying to be mean by asking, they are just wanting to see if I am able to stick to the fast.

A person is able to give something up for a few days or a week. Yet to give up something for 40 days is a different task all together. I am at that point where I must pursue the end goal. I have to stay focused on finishing or I will not be able to complete my task. This past week has been very hard for me to go without soccer, but I knew that I must push on. I was able to draw inspiration from Jesus, because He spent 40 days out in the wilderness (Luke 4:1-13). Although, that is where the similarities between Jesus and myself end.

Through the strength of the Lord, I will be able to complete this task. I put soccer aside to become a better person, husband, and father to my daughters. The Lord is using these 40 days to help build better habits in my life. The more seeds I sow and the harder I work the ground, the better the crops will be at the time of harvest. You will only receive that which you have invested.

**To the Ends of the Earth**

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