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Talking to some friends I have learned of a few new things coming in the near future...mainly I'm talking about next-gen consoles and technology that will fuel them. Working with the Unreal 3 engine which has powered and amazed us time after time again will now be a thing of the past...hello Unreal 4 engine. I was as excited as ever to view some of the inner workings at Epic and they are gearing up for big things in the future. Square Enix has just as much pull with the DirectX 11 technology the has such photorealism that I can't tell the difference between it and a photo.

Who's going to use this yummy tech...why the next gen consoles of course. Launching in 2014 will be the Playstation4 ( Boo ! ) and of course the reigning champion of all Xbox Next. Microsoft is gearing up their Next creative team led by Jeff Faulkner and Patrick Corrigan as lead graphic designer.  More news will be to come as soon as I can pick it out as a lot of companies are being hush hush and even my friends have to be tight lipped about some things.

Capcom has announced a Devil May Cry HD collection for $39.99 slated for an early 2012 release. It includes the original DMC , DMC 2 and DMC 3 : Dante's Awakening Special Edition.  Sony Online was hacked again and 93,000 accounts were signed in. Just wanted to throw that in there cause they are just useless and clueless when it comes to online dominance. GTA V has been slated for a 3rd quarter release as it will use E3 no doubt to create buzz. Buzz ? Are you kidding me ? Does it need it ? Bring on the hookers and blow.

Soulcalibur V is looking sweet as candy as it is announced that AC's own Ezio will be making an appearance. Still trying to get my hands on a working demo and when I do will have more to tell...Soulcalibur V hits stores in 2012. However I did get my hands on n early demo of the new Rainbow Six game titled Rainbow Six : Patriots. This is like nothing we have ever seen as it brings it home and into the present as you do battle against your fellow countrymen. With reasons from Wall St. to the economy there are many to contend with but at a deadly price. Flash mobs , Human shields , shooting hostages to neutralize the bigger threat are all things that you are going to have to deal with and make decisions about.  I can't talk about much but what I can say is that I will have more when I can release more. Just like I can't talk much about Mass Effect 3 but that's what I like...a tease.

Stay tuned for more news I bring to you about Darksiders 3 , Ninja Gaiden 3 and a game called Binary Domain.  Coming up don't miss my reviews of Rayman Origins , Saints Row the Third , and Need for Speed : The Run

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