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9/100 A New Leaning Tower

This is the new leaning tower?

So apparently the leaning tower of pisa is no longer the worlds most leaningest tower.

Capital Gate is now the world record holder for being the furthest leaning tower, by like 5 times. The thing that irratates me though is that it was engineered to be leaning. It isn't something that is like the leaning tower of pisa, so it didn't happen naturally. Granted it is cool and I'm huge on seeing building that defy physics, but with todays technology it is easy to calculate how to defy that stuff, and thats were mother nature comes in.

Where would you think this building would be? Dubabi. Well not quite. Thie building is in Abu Dhabi which is in the United Arab Emirates. Something else that irks me about this building though is the first several floors are still straight. The leaning tower of pisa is natural, and thus I think still has more appeal to it. That and the simple fact that pisa will most likely fall over at some point. the capital gate building will only be knocked over by something natural like an earth quake. But I guess the leaning tower of pisa would be more easily knocked over if an earth quake hit, but I doubt that would happen.

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