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10/100 AT&Ts New iPhone Data Plans

What to figure out your lifetime data usage

Recently AT&T decided to do away with their unlimited iPhone Data Plans. This might make several very nervous. Well there is no real need to worry, especially if you already have an iPhone, and have the unlimited data plan activated. Orginally the data plan was $30, and with the new plan(s) there will be two different options.

Option One: (DataPro) Is for heavier data users, that most likely are rarely around wifi. This plan offers 2GB of data usage per month, may not seem like a lot, but just bare with me I'll come back to it. If for some reason you go over your 2GB data usage, then you will be charged an additional $10 for another GB. This is actually a pretty decent rate, even if you go over consistently.

Option Two: (DataPlus) is for the lighter data user or for a heavier data user that is possibly around a lot of wifi. This plan only offers 200MB of data usage per month. That really doesn't seem like a lot, but still hold on a sec I will come back to it in a little bit. AT&T states that this option is good for 1,000 emails without any attachments, PLUS 150 messages with attachments, 400 web pages, and around 20 minutes of streaming video (youtube.) If you go over that then you will be charged an additional $15 for another 200MB of data.

Now for me to come back to what I was saying. The article I orginally read about the new data plans coming into affect stated that they calculated that they used less then approx 150MB of data per month. Now if you go to your AT&T plan on their website you could get an accurate data usage per month, just to make sure if you think you should change or not. Granted $5 a month from the DataPro from the unlimited doesn't seem to really break the bank, so I would just stay with it.

Now me on the other hand who had a iPhone, recently got rid of my data plan because $30 in my bank helps a lot towards paying bills. So when I go back to getting the iPhone data plan I will still most likely have to get the DataPro, because I know I use more then 200MB per monthl.


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