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34/100 Why I Miss My iPhone

I recently, I guess you could say, got rid of my iPhone. It has probably been about two months already and although I am managing alright, I really miss having my iPhone.

I of course still have it, but got a different phone and so I got rid of the unlimited data plan to save the $30 a month. I think getting rid of it at first didn't seem that difficult because I had a new phone and had something new to figure out. Well that gradually started to where off and in the past month has pretty much turned to hating my newer phone.

The texting on it is alright, I guess you could say. It has a similar conversation style screen that shows yours and the person your talking to texts so its easier to track, but that is about it. Its screen lags quite a bit and if you receive another text then it completely interupts you trying to read or write another message. The phone part, so far has been compete garabe. I know I don't call that often, but with the iPhone and the area I'm generally in I didn't have problems with calls. With this newer phone it seems to take forever to get a call through, and I have to check my voicemail twice to get the message. Incoming calls seem to be alright though.

So with that being said. I don't miss a chance to get to use wifi, except at home, where we don't have internet anymore.


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