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63/100 Mystery Science Theater 3000

Those that have watched MST3K, should know this person.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 or simply MST3K to anybody that has ever watched it more then once, was a comedy show that would just slaughter bad, B-movie science fiction movies verbally. The showed aired once a week for approx. 11 years. Yes there are actually that many bad b-movies and many more if you take account that the show stopped airing in 1999.

The idea behind the show was to have a man that had been trapped on a space ship as part of a science experiement watch these movies and see the outcome. The man that was trapped built some robots to help him provide hilarious commentary through out the film and point out several flaws in every movie they watched.

Needless to say the show probably ran a lot longer then most people would like because they would pretty much watch the entire film, but nevertheless the show was probably one of the best shows at the time, and I can safely say that it is probably one of the only times I didn't mind people talking constantly during a movie.

If you ever want to get an idea of what the show was like, then you can even watch their own film intitled Mystery Science Theater 3000:The Movie, along with the almost 200 episodes that they had in that 11 year span. Personally one of the best in my opinion to watch is "Mitchell"

Since the ending of MST3K Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett (all 3 having been major characters on MST3K) started RiffTrax in 2006 which is suppose to provide similar audio commentaries that are downloadable.

I haven't really been able to check RiffTrax out to closely, but I'm sure its pretty good.

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