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40/100 Motorcycles

Ever since I was probably around the age of 15 and had started learning how to drive. I started noticing more of these two-wheeled vehicles. I knew what they where, just never realized I guess that you could drive them on a normal day to day basis. About that sime time a movie came out that had Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin in it, and in an extended driving scene they drove a pair of Ducati 996s. I instantly knew i wanted a motorcycle.

Well of course I started doing research and quickly found out that ducati's are EXTREMELY expensive, but upon doing that same research I started finding out more and more about sport bikes, even watched some super bike races and i still remember the top two racers at that time. A newer kid name Nicky Hayden (on a Honda) and a seasoned vet named Mat Mladin (on a Suzuki.)

Well I still have yet to own a bike but I was able to learn a little from tow seasoned riders, that taught me a lot in a few short weeks, and even rode around a little bit, making me want a bike even more. Motorcycles are becoming more and more popular and I still plan on having one some day, and hopefully before I turn 40 or even 35 for that matter. Just need to still decide what type of bike I would really like to have though. I keep changing my mind of which type of bike I would prefer.


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